Welcome to Brancaster Care Homes, we provide the finest quality care for elderly residents requiring nursing, residential accommodation particularly focusing on those residents suffering from all types of dementia related ailments or conditions


Those in our care expect to enjoy the same standards of privacy we all generally expect to enjoy.

Being alone, free from intrusion or disturbance etc. are basic human rights and need to be reflected in our care practices and attitudes as pivotal to our standards of care.

By nature, being cared for can make it harder to enjoy privacy than, for example, living in one’s own home total independently. We need to stay alert to this and sensitive to its significance.

Confidentiality, trust, gossip all contribute to both the reality and perception of privacy which is another dimension of why we take such matters so seriously. Consultations with those in
our care by the following professionals, and similar others, will always be strictly in private unless specifically requested otherwise:

  • Health
  • Social care
  • Legal issues
  • Finance

Practical Privacy:

Staff must always knock on Service Users‚’ room doors, bathroom and toilet doors before entering or being invited to enter.

Service Users‚’ can lock their own private areas (albeit we are able to access them in emergencies).

Service Users‚’ have privacy in reading and/or writing mail. This includes electronic mail (where accessible) with particular regards to the confidentiality of passwords. Service Users‚’ may have the private use of the telephone whenever they want by using the pay telephone located on each floor.

Service Users‚’ can dine and entertain privately as they so choose.